Message from the President
Next year in 2008 will mark the 48th anniversary of King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL) since its inauguration in 1960. Under the bi-lateral cooperation between Japanese and Thai governments, KMITL was established with a distinctive mission to pioneer specialized higher education in science, engineering, and technology, in order to develop highly skillful human resources to support the industrial development of the nation. For almost 50 years, KMITL has developed from a telecommunication training center in the early days into one of best universities in science, engineering and technology in Thailand and in the South-East Asia today. KMITL continues to attract and retain outstanding students, faculty and administrative personnel. We offer a stimulating intellectual environment with over 160 undergraduate and graduate degree programs in more than 50 fields of study. Our education programs have always emphasized strongly on both theoretical and practical knowledges in order to provide students with the best platform for their future career. Therefore, our graduate students are highly demanded from industrial and private sectors.
Over the last decade, we have increasingly sought to collaborate with overseas universities and institutes to develop and provide innovative international education programs for students in Thailand and in the South-East Asia. For examples, an international dual Ph.D. degree program in electrical engineering has been set up in collaboration with Tokai University, and a problem-based international postgraduate degree program on automotive technology is currently being developed to commence later this year, under a tri-party collaboration of KMITL, Tokyo Institute of Technology and Sirinthorn International Institute of Technology. To further strengthen our international education programs, an international college has been established in 2006 to oversee the development and management of future international multi-disciplinary education programs.
Under my leadership, KMITL is actively working with partners both in industry and academia to advance and disseminate knowledge, to capitalize on research expertise, and to assure that innovations and advancements move expeditiously from laboratories to commercialization. Here are some of the recent initiatives in 2006. Two research centers of excellence on nanotechnology and data storage technology, respectively, were established with collaboration from National Science and Technology Development Agency. Both centers will provide education and advance knowledge in the emerging multi-disciplinary technologies for the forthcoming 'molecular economy'. A center of academic service and promotion has been established to promote entrepreneurship and business incubation and to provide a one-stop academic service in bringing knowledge and technology to best serve the needs of external public and private sectors.
In 2006, we have developed a ten-year strategic plan to guide the development of the university for the next decade. Our vision for the next ten years is 'to be a premier education institute in science and technology that advances innovation and knowledge through wisdom for sustainable development of the nation'. Under the guidance of the chancellor, His Excellency General Surayud Chulanont, we have graciously adopt His Majesty the King's philosophy of 'sufficiency economy' as the underlying principle of our plan which will be implemented into our education and organization management systems. We aim to achieve new pinnacles of success in education, research and entrepreneurship at the international level.
Finally, I would like to invite you to join us as we progress to an international 'research and entrepreneurial' university in science and technology.

(Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kitti Tirasesth)
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